Mechanical Pipe Fitting Technology

This pipefitting training program provides comprehensive pipefitter training that covers plan reading, mathematics, safety, piping codes/specifications, and plumbing related skills. You’ll learn how to work with various types of pipes, pipe systems installation, plumbing related fixtures and more. Trainees will be trained and equipped with practical hands-on skills and techniques essential to start working as pipefitter in entry-level careers locally and nationally. Upon graduation, trainees will be awarded a qualifying certificate in Pipefitting.

Specific Objectives of the Course

This course aims at providing the trainee with the practical hands on skills and knowledge to work in the field as pipefitter. The trainee will learn practical skills in workplace health and safety, workplace communication, leveling procedures, technical drawing and specifications, installation of piping systems and bending of pipes. The trainees are expected:

  • To perform safety related functions
  • To use and maintain tools and equipment
  • To organize work
  • To interpret drawing and specifications
  • To produce drawing and models for installation
  • To perform layout and fabrication
  • To perform installation, testing and cleanup of gas piping system
  • To perform layout, cutting and installation of water supply system
  • To bend pipes by hydraulic pipe bender and hot bending