Rigging Technology

This qualification course in Rigging is a training program that provides comprehensive rigger training that covers workplace safety, calculation and measurement, leveling procedures, moving and positioning loads, hoisting and lifting. Trainees will learn how to handle and move loads. Trainees will be trained and equipped with practical hands-on skills and techniques to perform functions related to the selection, inspection, and proper use of rigging equipment. Upon graduation, trainees will be awarded a qualifying certificate in Rigging to qualify him to work as Rigger in the oil exploration and construction industries.

Specific Objectives of the Course

This course aims at providing the trainee with the practical hands on skills and knowledge to work in the field as rigger. The trainee will learn practical skills on how to inspect rigging before use, identify and attach rigging with basic knowledge of hitch configurations, capacities and basic knots, recognize associated hazards, signal operations, use various types of rigging equipment and basic hitches and their applications. It also includes skills in estimating load weight, center of gravity and identifying lift points. The trainees are expected:

  • To perform safety related functions
  • To conduct Tool box talk
  • To use and maintain lifting tools and equipment
  • To observe procedures, specifications and manual of instructions
  • To perform basic leveling procedures
  • To perform calculations and mensuration
  • To inspect Rigging Gears
  • To install Rigging gears
  • To assist crane operator
  • To move and position loads
  • To plan and prepare work as per specification