Scaffolding Technology

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills in erection, dismantling, inspection and assessment of the scaffolding material for the approve erection of the scaffold assembly and ensure their compliance with the prescribed standards. It covers competencies such as handling scaffolding tools and equipment; erect and dismantle scaffolding, and following safety and security rules. Graduates of this course will be awarded qualifying certificate in Scaffolding Erection:

Specific Objectives of the Course

This program aims at providing the trainee with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to work in the field as Scaffold Erector. The trainees will learn work place safety, workplace communication, scaffold erection, dismantling and altering. Specifically, the trainees will be able to:

  • Perform work following safety and security rules
  • Conduct Tool Box Talk (TBT)
  • Perform basic leveling procedures
  • Follow work drawings and specifications
  • Perform basic and material calculation
  • Use scaffolding tools and equipment
  • Erect basic scaffolding
  • Dismantle scaffolding
  • Alter scaffolding