Our Training

THIEP is currently offering four programs in Civil Technology, Surveying Technology, Oil and Gas Exploration Technology, Mechanical Inspection and Non Destructive Testing Technology (NDT), including short courses and workshops.

At THIEP, English language stands out as one of the major requisites and sole language of instruction in all programs. The English program is offered during the preparatory semester courses. It is designed to enhance proficiency of the language of the students throughout the duration of the course.

The academic schedule for all programs is based on TVTC semester –based curriculum system described as follows:

  • A preparatory for intensive tutoring in Science courses and the use of English language a medium of instruction
  • Five (5) consecutive semesters of the program
  • Mandatory Coop training
  • Mandatory passing of TVTC Certification exam

Civil Technology

This program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify him to work as an assistant civil engineer in the construction industry. The trainees of this course will learn the important skills, knowledge and technical language needed in the field of civil construction. Skills and knowledge in concrete materials testing as per ACI standards, it is one of the highlight of the program leading the students to be certified as ACI Concrete Technician Grade 1. A diploma in Civil Technology will be given to successful graduates.

Surveying Technology

This program is designed to meet the required training for the local working market in accordance with the standards of the National Vocational Systems for the Assistant Surveying Engineer. Students will learn how to use surveying equipment like automatic level, total station, GIS, and GPS. Graduates of this program will be awarded diploma in surveying technology and are expected to work in areas of Civil Engineering and Surveying.

Oil & Gas Exploration Technology

This program is designed to satisfy the needs of the oil and gas industry for qualified, skilled and well trained Geophysical Information Technologists. It offers the knowledge and training of information technology essential in oil and gas exploration fields. In addition, the program will provide opportunities for students in exploring various geophysical methods and use them to solve engineering and environmental problems and concerns. This program emphasizes on computer training and digital data collection, manipulation and interpretation.

Mechanical Inspection & NDT

This program is designed to fulfill the local market needs of Non-destructive Evaluation Techniques. It is structured to satisfy both the National Qualification frameworks and international standards, based on American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT). The curriculum includes set of core engineering courses such as Material Science, Mathematics, Statics and Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Hydraulic systems. Graduates of this program will be awarded diploma in surveying technology and are expected to work as NDT inspectors.

Special Courses

For individuals who are consistently upgrading their qualifications, THIEP also offers special courses that will qualify them to work in multi-national companies in the Kingdom. These short courses will give the participants a big advantage in passing various certification examinations required by big companies. These courses include Civil Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, HVAC Inspection, Instrument Inspection, Mechanical Inspection, NDT Inspection and Drilling work over and Geophysics. Training for special courses will be carried out by qualified, experienced and certified trainers.